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Help I’m light sensitive

LightAware has developed a range of resources to support people suffering with reactions to new lighting technologies. These help facilitate access, raise awareness and help light-sensitive people connect with each other.

Click on the links below to find out more about how LightAware can help you.

Information Sheets
The LightAware card
Telephone Support Group (LightAware members only)
A simple guide to different types of lighting

If you would like to become a LightAware member, you can connect with other members through our Facebook group. Please contact us for details at

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For anything else contact us at

A note on terminology

People are currently experiencing adverse reactions to the new lighting technologies for many reasons. Some have existing medical conditions, which make them particularly sensitive (including lupus, migraine, eye and skin conditions). Others had no previous health problems before the introduction of new lighting technologies.

Light is known to affect almost every aspect of human health and wellbeing, especially eyes, skin, brain, nervous system and body clock. (Read more about light and human health).  Light itself is complex and multi-faceted. Some people may react to different aspects, such as particular wavelengths of light (colour temperature), others to flicker, glare or intensity. Some people have medical conditions which mean they are also sensitive to UV light, or to light in general, including daylight. LightAware understands that some people experience pain and ill health when exposed to certain types of lighting, and not necessarily to others.

There is not yet medical terminology that encompasses all these variables. At LightAware, we use the term ‘light-sensitive’ to describe people who suffer adverse reactions to any form of light, We describe people as ‘light-disabled’ when that sensitivity is severe and limits a person’s activities to the extent that they are unable to live a normal life with access to everyday activities and services.

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