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We campaign for safe light for all 

LightAware is the only charity focused on the impact of the changing lighting environment on human health and wellbeing. Artificial lighting has increased exponentially and changed fundamentally in recent decades, with the introduction of new technology and regulations banning traditional types of lighting. 

Many people are now noticing the effects of this change. From street lighting to car headlights, we are exposed to lights that are brighter, harsher and more intense. This affects everyone. For some people who are particularly sensitive, it results in pain, ill health and severe social exclusion. 

We campaign for better lighting regulation for all, and advocate on behalf of those struggling to navigate daily life in a world of new lighting technology. We believe that everyone should be able to light their homes and live their lives.

Vehicle headlights report

Car headlights should be better regulated to reduce the dazzle they cause on-coming drivers, says a new Report by concerned road users, light experts and other specialists. The Group – led by Baroness Hayter, a long term consumer champion, urges the government to undertake research to better understand the causes of the problem. LightAware agrees. Find out more.

Join or Donate Now and LightAware Gets Double

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We are delighted to announce an exceptional matched funding initiative. Thanks to a generous donor, every donation or membership subscription made to LightAware will be matched, pound for pound, up to a total of £3,000 until 6 April 2024.  This is why we are asking you to support us now and to double the impact of your donation. Find out more.

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