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Individual stories

LightAware receives so many accounts from all over the world from people suffering pain and ill health when exposed to LED lighting. We hear from those having to leave their jobs, their studies and even their homes. Many are shut out of their normal lives and say there is little guidance or understanding, whether from friends and family or from health professionals.

We are including a selection of these accounts here, to show how people’s lives and health are being affected by new lighting technology.

Bernadette, UK

I can now barely shop, fill up my car’s petrol tank, travel on public transport, eat out or visit a theatre, museum, art gallery, swimming pool, or my GP surgery. The introduction of new lighting meant I had to leave the job I loved as a university lecturer.

Elaine, Ireland

When the sodium streetlights outside my home changed to LED, I was confined to my house at night for a year. I moved to the countryside to escape them and now I find myself in the exact same position again. My lockdown may never end.

Maximilian, Germany

To travel safely, I rely mostly on a companion, especially in the dark season. Because with my vision, I also struggle to find my way on the streets as a pedestrian or cyclist, let alone to negotiate traffic unhindered. LED daytime running lights on cars are particularly difficult.

Jess, UK

I cannot tolerate any form of overhead lighting and have up-lighters in my home with low wattage bulbs. I am affected by computer screens, mobile phone screens, car lights, street and road lighting, shop lighting, in fact anything that is lit – even fairy lights on the Christmas tree.

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