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LightAware card

LightAware has created a credit-card-sized plastic card for light-sensitive and light-disabled people to carry with them to help enable access. It helps others to understand that lighting is about accessibility and inclusivity.

It can be particularly difficult to request help with changes to artificial lighting as the problems are not well known or understood.

The LightAware cards have proved invaluable for easier communication when requesting lighting to be altered or switched off.

The card simply explains that this is an accessibility issue:

“The holder of this card is SENSITIVE TO ARTIFICIAL LIGHT – As with any accessibility issue, your understanding and cooperation can make a big difference”

The card has been successfully used to access medical appointments in hospitals as well as shops, toilets, public transport and entertainment venues. Each use also helps to raise awareness of the issues involved.

In 2020, following requests from Germany and negotiation with LightAware’s Ambassador in Germany, a German-language version of the card was launched.

You can order a LightAware Card through our online shop.

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