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Halt Blue-Rich White Light Pollution

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Please reinstate the All Parliamentary Lighting Group and urgently create a National Light Policy which properly addresses the harmful effects of modern lighting technology on humans, wildlife, road safety and sky glow.

Why is this important?

Blue-Rich White street lights are being installed across the UK without proper Health or Environmental Impact assessments. The light emitted mimics daylight at night and is harmful to humans and wildlife (due to circadian disruption), sky glow (due to glare, caused by the so-called “Rayleigh Scattering Effect”, where short wave-length light scatters more easily in the atmosphere) and road safety caused by excessive glare from streets and vehicle lighting, which can be blinding, in particular for older drivers (the ageing eye finds it harder to cope with Blue-Rich White Light) and which causes the so-called “Zebra Effect” where dark patches are interspersed with excessively bright light. Kindly see
A Proper National Light Policy is urgently needed as Blue-Rich White Light pollution is spreading across the country like wildfire, with harmful consequences for humans, wildlife as well sky glow. Street lights and vehicle lights with a far too high CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature) are being installed, well above the maximum 3000 Kelvin recommended by AMA (American Medical Association) and IDA (International Dark Sky Association).

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