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Here’s what Chicago’s new LED street lamps look like from the sky

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By now, most Chicagoans know the famous yellow-orange glow of nighttime Chicago will soon be a thing of the past. The iconic haze comes from hundreds of thousands of high-pressure sodium street lamps, which are being replaced with energy-saving LEDs. City leaders boast that the new bulbs will emit a superior, clear white light while using half to three-quarters the energy. 

What do the new lights look like from the sky?

Drone photographer Ryan Koverman of Windy City Drones gave us a look, going up near the intersection of Touhy Avenue and Paulina Street in the Northside neighborhood of Rogers Park. The spot is one of seven pilot locations installed in December 2016.

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The intersection provides a perfect vantage to see the difference in the old and the new. Half of the lamps at the intersection — to the north and east — have been replaced with LEDs, while the other half — to the south and west — have not:

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