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‘Too early to start human-centric lighting’ – top scientist

Lux Review

IT’S TOO EARLY to implement human-centric lighting, the world authority on the subject has declared.

Speaking at the lighting industry’s global gathering at the Light + Building 2018 exhibition in Frankfurt, Dr Russell Foster of Oxford University said: ‘We can’t develop human-centric lighting until we know what impact light has upon human biology across the day and night cycle’.

There is currently no standard lighting recipe that manufacturers can currently put into effect. He bluntly told his audience: ‘We simply don’t know’.  Dr Russell Foster was awarded the Lux Person of the Year in 2016 for his ground-breaking work on the eye and its relationship with light

There were many variables and unknowns in circadian light exposure which currently couldn’t be squared in a one-size-fits-all lighting system. For instance, people are different ‘chronotypes’ – whether they are ‘larks’ or ‘owls’ – and lighting effects each group differently.

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