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LightAware Submit Proposal for Exemption to EU Single Lighting Regulation

LightAware submitted the following proposed exemption to the EU Commission on 25th January 2018. 

LightAware’s exemption document is in response to EU plans to further restrict the availability of different types of lighting in the European Union. If allowed the exemption will enable light sensitive people to access the incandescent bulbs they need.

The Single Lighting Regulation will be effective from September 2020 and will be published in  October 2018 assuming completion of the impact assessment and the approval of committees.

The current draft proposes to extend the ban to mains tungsten halogen lamps, most compact fluorescent lamps and T8 linear fluorescent.  This draft also removes many of the categories of special purpose lamps including those for people with photo sensitivities. and for theatrical lighting.

An alternative proposal for meeting the  minimum health and wellbeing aspect of exemption (ii): Annexe 1 section 2 add the following wording –

In the wording of the regulation Article 2 Definitions

(h) Light sources provided specifically for use by photosensitive patients (e.g. frosted, pearl or opal incandescent lamps).

(18) ‘Photosensitive patients’ People with a specific condition causing photosensitive symptoms and other people who experience adverse reactions to natural and/or certain forms of artificial lighting technology.

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