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LightAware wins a prestigious international award

We are delighted to announce that LightAware has won an award at the ‘Oscars of the lighting industry’ in Paris this weekend. The Professional Lighting Design Convention 2017, which took place from 1-4 November in Paris, drew more than 2,000 delegates from across the world. The Convention presented the ‘Award at Large’ to LightAware:

“for their effort to raise awareness of the impact of artificial lighting on human health and well-being, and encourage discussion and investigation into the same with the goal of making the lives of those who suffer from light sensitivity more normal.”

Also shortlisted for the Award was the Canadian City of Montreal, for replacing 132,000 streetlights in response to protests and concerns about health hazards and light pollution.

LightAware Trustees, Dr John Lincoln and Eleanor Levin, were also invited to give a keynote speech ‘Lighting for All’ at the convention, in which they highlighted the under-reported issue of the severe social exclusion of light sensitive people who suffer pain and ill health from exposure to new forms of lighting, such as compact fluorescents (CFLs) and LEDs. Dr Lincoln said: ‘This Award, and the level of engagement with the keynote speech on LightAware, demonstrates the extent of current interest and concern in the lighting industry about the impact of artificial lighting on health and well-being.’

Click here for more about the awards from the PLDC website

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