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The Halogen ban will create a long-term lockdown

The ban on halogen lighting comes into force in the UK today, on 1 October 2021. As halogen bulbs are phased out, it will leave LED as functionally the only form of artificial lighting available. LightAware is extremely concerned about the impact of this legislation on the lives of people who cannot tolerate LED lighting.

This is the latest round of legislation, which began with the ban on the incandescent light bulbs, on the basis of ever more stringent energy efficiency thresholds. The EU legislation is now incorporated into UK law as the ‘Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products and Energy Information Regulations’.

LightAware campaigned hard for an exemption in the EU legislation for those who need alternative forms of lighting, and this exemption has been taken into UK law. However the process has yet to be clarified as to how people will obtain light bulbs on prescription and how continued manufacture will be secured.

Even if the exemption is made workable for people to buy bulbs for their own homes, there is still no provision for light-sensitive people to access workplaces, healthcare, education, recreation, public transport or places of worship. This will create a long-term lockdown, a severe form of social exclusion that is a breach of human rights.

LightAware is engaging with the UK government to express our concerns and has issued a press release. We are calling on all supporters to contact their political representatives and local media to raise awareness of this underreported issue.

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